Early Morning Ritual Of Saluting The Flag Was Once A Symbol of Loyalty, Devotion And Appreciation To This Land; How That Changed – The Published Reporter®

The early morning ritual of the salute to the flag, the singing of the National Anthem were uncontested symbols of loyalty, devotion and appreciation to this land of the free. Photo credit ShutterStock.com, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – This nation’s future leaders will be the products of our national school system now totally dominated and controlled by Socialist-Marxist teachers unions. A sad truth. The National Education Association and The American Federation of Teachers together dominate the education field with nearly five million dues paying members. They are political and racist activists. Their unions unashamedly and openly donated over $43 million to far left political groups during the last election campaign. They are the largest and most powerful unions in the country. Their members do not drive trucks, operate machinery, nor toil in factories. They teach our children how to read, write, think, how to evaluate problems, how to behave and sadly, the history of our country. Do you see the problem here? Years ago it was a no brainer that kids learned the good and the bad about our nation’s history, its leaders, heroes and traitors from the people charged and paid to do so in their classrooms. Things have changed and not for the better.

New York City, for instance, until the emergence of the United Federation of Teachers in he early 1960’s, had the best public school system in the world. Teachers had no political involvement nor motivations to denigrate and demean this country. The early morning ritual of the salute to the flag, the singing of the National Anthem were uncontested symbols of loyalty, devotion and appreciation to this land of the free. Civics, American history, the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, our Founding Fathers, slavery, our wars, explorations and land acquisitions were taught in a straightforward manner. Students were encouraged to learn on their own as well. They were taught to think and make decisions based on historical evidence alone. Now, that’s all tossed in the Dumpster of radicalism. Teachers unions, currently the power behind the election of their school boards and classroom curricula are now aggressively promoting an anti-American polarizing agenda that is the root of the current racial divisions, rioting and the weakening of our international reputation and military strength.

These unions are now pushing the New York times’ “1619 Project” which turns American history on its head. This radical program that distorts history claims our nation was formed, not in 1776, with the Revolutionary War, but in 1619 with the first boatload of slaves landing in Virginia. This program, now gaining nationwide prominence, rewrites American history as if slavery is the defining factor behind nearly every aspect of our national history. This has led to the dangerous, ludicrous movement against “White Supremacy” that attempts to throw the mantle of guilt over most of our citizens. Black kids are taught they are owed reparations and White students are trained to think of themselves as “Guilt ridden less-thans.” First teach our youth to hate their nation, then themselves and then the country is ready for the Communist-Radical-Dictatorial takeover.

Our call is to awaken our now dead in the water citizens to the dangers of our school unions which now hold near total control over the thinking of their students. They must be outed and tossed out of the national school systems by de-unionizing the profession and opening up classrooms to only, American thinking, American history teaching, non-political teachers. Politics should be taught as a subject covering its every aspect and not as a brain washing tool to instill the teachers’ own views into the minds of their students.

Not sorry NEA and the AFT, ya gotta go!!!!

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