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One of the most awaited festival of the year for Hindus is around the corner as everyone is ready to celebrate the festival of lights — Diwali. During Diwali and Dhanteras, people perform puja and rituals to receive divine blessings. Apart from burning crackers and buying new clothes, and sweets, people love making Rangolis in their homes and the neighbourhood.

A traditional art form, Rangoli is a coloured pattern formed on a surface or a flooring using varied hues and objects. Apart from colours, dry flour or sand, flower petals and coloured rice is also used. The process of making rangoli begins a little in advance with people choosing their favourite design and collecting items or materials to make the design. On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, a unique rangoli design can be seen in every home.

Here are some fun Rangoli designs to make your Diwali more colourful:

Design 1:

Try using flour in case you don’t have store bought coloured powders. Flour is safe and easy to use as it mixes with colours in your desired way. With the use of flour, you can make an eco-friendly rangoli on the occasion of Diwali. Make a detailed multi-coloured traditional design for a large living room.

Design 2

Colourful rice is a great option to make pretty looking and environment-friendly rangoli. Use a base colour and then start layering with intricate patterns to make an attractive design. A traditional pattern in a few basic colours – red, white, yellow and green would also look great.

Design 3

Soaked and dried rice powder is very common and is traditionally used in eastern India, It is made by making a paste out of rice flour and water. A traditional and elegant rangoli design in geometric patterns can give it a great edge.

Design 4

Bask in the glory of your creativity and think of flowers. A simple pattern with flower petals to make an environmental-friendly and fragrant rangoli. Use different colours of flowers for the entrance to the house. A beautiful rangoli design with petals of white jasmine, marigold, rose could be a great conversation starter.

Design 5

Use some diyas to make a rangoli which will stand out if you keep it simple with earthen lamps placed in a pattern. Lay them down on the floor in a floral pattern to give it a complete look. People also use a combination of candles or diyas to illuminate their rangolis.

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