Hot and humid with increasing rain chances through Mother's Day

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The pleasant mornings from the past few days are a thing of the past today with warm, muggy conditions thanks to a return of southeast winds. Low clouds this morning will give way to afternoon sunshine. It will be hot and humid with highs on either side of 90 degrees.

An isolated thunderstorm or two is possible for the Hill Country this afternoon. Any activity that develops should be sub-severe and move from west to east then likely weaken as it nears I-35 thanks to a cap in the atmosphere over Austin and to the east.

Tonight, clouds increase again with another warm, muggy and breezy night in store.

Tomorrow will start similar to today with morning clouds and drizzle. But by the afternoon, the chance for strong to severe storms increases for most of Central Texas. The Storm Prediction Center has a Marginal (1 out of 5) and Slight (2 out of 5) Risk for severe storms. Best time for outdoor plans with mom will be in the morning until mid-afternoon when storm chances increase and will be most likely.

Next week is looking wet and stormy with the potential of a cold front interacting with moisture from a tropical disturbance in the Eastern Pacific. If conditions come together just right, we could see another heavy rain event lasting from Tuesday through about Thursday.

Lots can change between now and then, so stay tuned as we iron out the forecast.

Drought Update

Thanks to recent widespread rainfall totaling 4-8 inches, the number of us in soil drought status has been nearly cut in half. The entire Austin metro area is no longer in soil drought — just under the precursor, “abnormally dry”.

This map below shows the 1-week change in drought status with 1 or 2 class improvements over the previous week across much of Central Texas.

Notice on the below comparison how much better off the state of Texas is now compared to the start of summer in 2011 (red = intense soil drought). The fact that our soil is more moist today than 10 years ago helps keep temperatures from getting too hot as we enter the summer months.


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