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A video of a moose playing soccer in Alaska has gone viral on social media that has left the netizens applauding. The bizarre incident occurred when a group of teenagers were playing soccer in Homer, Alaska.

The moose made an unexpected entry into the ground and started dribbling the ball around. The witnesses were amazed at the skills of the animal.

“This moose wandered onto a football field in Homer and decided to join in on the Homer Mariners’ pickup soccer game — even attempting a shot at the goal. According to Brent Escolta, who recorded this very Alaskan moment, the moose walked toward the players, approached the soccer ball and started to play with it,” the post by Anchorage Daily News read.

Check out the moose’s moves here:

As can be seen in the video, the moose kicks the ball around for a while, without letting go of it. Moments later, he shoots towards the goalpost. Although he missed the target, the people present gave a loud cheer for the animal.

The teenagers were so impressed with the moose, they offered to involve it in their game.

The short clip has been widely shared on Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms and attracted several comments from netizens.

“Sign her up!” wrote one Facebook user. Another user commented, “Coach Cameron Icenoggle and Shs Falcons- here’s a new teammate who wouldn’t mind the snow!”

“That moose was out to kill that ball,” read a comment. Calling it cute, another user wrote, “That is so cute. I have seen horses play with a ball that way.”

“Just wondering if he had his physician sign off to play sports! Asking for a friend!” mocked one user. Many users suggested that the animal play professional soccer. Some even compared it with Lionel Messi, calling it Lionel Moosi.

It was indeed a nice moment captured. Who knows what was going through the animal’s mind. For the viewers though, it was surely a treat.

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