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A little boy in China is being lauded for his culinary skills. The boy’s video has been breaking the internet globally. The little chef is three years old and his name is Xin Bao.

In the video, which has been accessed by the Daily Mail was originally shared on Douyin, a Chinese equivalent of video sharing portal TikTok. In the clip, one can see the little one flaunt his culinary skills.

During the course of the clip, Xin is seen showcasing his stir-fry skills with a toy wok. In the now-viral video, he is stirring a spatula while moving the wok back and forth as though he was preparing a dish. To make things look more realistic, he has used a stool in place of a stove.

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According to his mother, Xin was imitating his father. His dad is a chef at their family restaurants in eastern China’s Hefei city. The video on Douyin crossed 1.4 million likes. His mother told The Daily Mail, “He had enjoyed watching his father cook since he was five, six months old. He also really liked playing with woks. He would stop crying whenever we gave him toy woks. I didn’t think too much of it at the start. I just thought it was quite funny”.

Many people on the video-sharing portal have lauded his skills in the comments section of the post. One person wrote, “He looked so professional! I can see a master chef in the making!”, another one said, “Wow, this kid has a lot of potential! Keep going, you will be great one day”.

On being asked if her son is going to be a chef or not, the mother stressed upon the fact that she will not pressurise her son for anything and will let him follow his heart. She said, “It’s not a bad thing if he wants to be a chef when he grows up, as long as he’s doing something that makes him happy”.

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