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Every once in a while we come across dishes whose names we find difficult to pronounce. It usually does not happen with Indians dishes, but with Italian, French or Spanish things get a li’l tricky sometimes.

An Instagram user recently uploaded a video showing how one person at a coffee shop places his orders containing complex names of items easily while another man scans through the menu for the easiest dish to pronounce before ending up ordering a cold coffee.

The caption of the video reads, “Best Trick to avoid embarrassment in @starbucksindia. Bhai jo tu le raha hain vohi karde meri bhi.”

Many netizens can relate to the situation when they would have said the same thing to their friend at a restaurant or a coffee shop.

The video which was shared a week ago has received more than 22K likes. Netizens have also commented on the post in large numbers.

Responding to the video, one user said that he could not stop watching it.

Another person suggested that people can place orders by simply saying the second one from the top on the list.

“Ek aur option hai, unhi se pooch lo, ‘I am in for a cold beverage today, what do you recommend?’,” wrote one netizen.

A person said that he was expecting that the second guy shown in the clip would run. Appreciating the video, a user asked which filter he (who posted the video) uses.

While another hilariously reminded the uploader by commenting: “size bolna bhul gaye.”

The internet is replete with videos which show the situations faced by common people in daily lives.

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