Mom holds vigils around town to remember son who vanished in 2003

ST. LOUIS– Loved ones gathered today to remember a nine-year-old boy who vanished in 2003. Christian Ferguson’s mother held a vigil to honor her child.

His mother Theda Person held seven separate vigils throughout the city. Each stop marked an important moment in his life. St. Mary’s hospital was where Christian was born.

“I just want to use Christian’s life and my life to help people address things that haven’t been addressed or maybe they were addressed in the past and they rose back up again,” said Person.

At each stop, onlookers signed cards that provided hope and healing.

“Just knowing that they took a moment to acknowledge that they remembered my child, that means everything to me,” said Person.

That positivity reflects what has carried her through the heartbreak that began 18 years ago.

“There was a point where I wanted to take my own life. I wanted to jump out of one of these buildings. I’m just being real. And I’m only saying that because it may save someone’s life,” said Person.

She says she now chooses to do things that lead to positive change and establish justice.

Christian is still missing today. This October he would have turned 28. He was last seen with his father who said they were carjacked in St. Louis City.