Should Channel 7 Building Be Saved? Readers Weigh In Before Denver City Council Vote


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On Monday, May 10, Denver City Council will vote on whether to give landmark status to the building at 123 Speer Boulevard, built decades ago to house Denver7. The owners want to sell the building — a buyer is waiting in the wings — and move KMGH operations to a more efficient space. But fans of the architectural style known as “brutalism” filed to have the structure designated a landmark.

“We feel trapped,” says Dean Littleton, the ABC affiliate’s vice president and general manager. “If the building is designated, we may not be able to afford to move, because the designation diminishes the value of the property. But if we stay and have to make a change to the outside of the building due to being knocked off the air, we’d have to go through a lengthy process to get permission. We’re a 24/7 operation, and I can’t wait 24 hours to replace a microwave dish. That could be devastating to our station because of the minute-by-minute nature of our business.”

Councilmembers will have their say on Monday night. Meanwhile, readers are weighing in with comments on the Westword Facebook post of our story about the Denver7 controversy. Says George:

 Ummmm, this building is historic? If so, we’ve lost our way.

Responds Devin: 

Ugly mid-century architecture is neither historic nor desirable. I’m with the station on this one.

Adds Robyn: 

What a fun diversion to research brutalism today. This building is brutally ugly and a poor representation of the art of brutalism.

Suggests John:

Really weak arguments to designate this building, in my opinion. Do the applicants have another agenda, or just a lack of solid background on this sad building?

Notes Gary:

Just like Currigan Hall. Ugly, inefficient and old. Good riddance!

Counters Larry:

I like the building. We have already lost so many mid-century buildings. We cannot afford to lose more. It was purpose-built as a television station and would be hard to use for other purposes.

The station needs room to grow and landmark designation, while attractive on the surface, may indeed make it impossible for the station to thrive at that spot.

Replies Tobi: 

Not sure how the designation would affect weather and animal stories…

Offers Ellen: 

Take good photos, create an exhibit in new building, and build something energy-efficient. It really isn’t worth saving.

Warns Dragos:

Eyesore will be replaced with another eyesore, mark my words.

Suggests Jeff:

Looks like a great spot for some poorly constructed, overpriced 600 square-foot condos!

What do you think should happen to the Channel 7 building? Post a comment or email your thoughts to

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