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There is no limit to one’s creativity, and when it comes to music there is no stopping, indeed. Recently, a video which proves the same has won the internet’s heart.

In a clip that has been shared by Rex Chapman on Twitter, it is seen that a girl is playing music out of empty glass bottles using a pair of xylophone sticks. But, the real mind blowing thing happens after that. After a while, we say that bottles are placed in a line on different angles and a small toy train like thing with xylophone sticks attached to the site is striking them. What is rather, rare, unusual and beautiful is the fact that the melody created by this is charming.

The video is now viral on social media and has more than one and a half million views on Twitter alone. The science behind this melody is dependent on the amount of liquid level in the bottle. Usually, the liquid is water.

Captioning the video Rex wrote, “Ok, this is amazing…”

A user who seemed to have cracked the trick for creating music by the technique, wrote, “I think it’d actually be fairly easy to work out. Speed of the train is constant. So just measure out the beats. Fill the bottles to the notes (using a tuner), place bottles using sheet music.”

The other comments on the post have mixed reactions. Most people in the reply to the tweet have mentioned how vile this activity is, while some have referred it to as ‘a typically asian thing’. Take a look at some of the reactions:

It is to be noted here that creating music from glass bottles, tumblers or bowls is not a new task. Earlier, many musicians have tried creating similar music and given us soothing rhythms.

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