You made our happy hour happier yet – Twin Cities


Thank you to the “angel” who made our evening even more special.

A group of long-time friends and I were celebrating our first in-person happy hour in over a year and my 70th birthday (yikes!) at Salut recently.

We were having a wonderful time together, only to have the evening made even more special when our server told us an “anonymous angel” had paid our bill.

If you were the person, please know your generosity was most appreciated — it really capped off our evening of enjoyment. Merci!

Nancy Quin, St. Paul



Friday evening April 30, my husband and I went out to dinner to celebrate our 52nd anniversary. We went to Phil’s Tara Hideaway,  It was quite busy even at 5:45 p.m.

We were seated and ordered. After we had our meal and dessert, our waitress told us that someone had paid for our meal, wine and all. Her name was Cheryl. I didn’t get his name.

These people were so kind and generous.

My husband and I were speechless. We did get to thank them and express our appreciation. Then from another table the couple there said they had wanted to pay for our dinner as well. We were shocked and astounded.

Such generosity! We will absolutely pay it forward.

You do have Minnesota Nice, and they are right here in the Twin Cities.

Diane Baker, Hudson, Wis.



It was so nice to see the feel-good story on the front page about the team of Stillwater students who placed second in the NASA challenge.

They designed and built a human-powered rover. Their ingenuity didn’t stop there. They had to find a terrain like Mars to test their river. They choose Lake Elmo Park Reserve as their look-alike Mars terrain.

Congratulations to all for your tenacity, skillfulness and a job well done.

Geri Minton, Roseville

Twin Cities