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Netizens often come across prank videos on social media. Those videos show YouTubers doing pranks on people in markets, shopping malls or parks. But, this YouTuber has done something different. He pranked animals with a stuffed tiger toy. The video of the act has gone viral on social media.

Uploaded by Angel Naga on YouTube, the video shows the man placing the stuffed tiger toy in front of monkeys and dogs to see their reactions. Upon seeing the fake tiger, animals got startled and ran away from it. At one point, he placed the toy behind a sleeping dog. When it noticed the stuffed tiger toy waking up from sleep, it ran and then started barking from a distance.

However, towards the end of the video, the YouTuber can be seen feeding the animals, as if it was his way of apologising to them for scaring them. Sharing the video, he wrote that he did this for fun and serving them food. He added that they are poor dogs and monkeys.

The video has garnered more than 50 lakh views and 85K likes. People have also flooded it with comments. A user asked how a street dog or monkey can identify a tiger if he has not seen one. Another person appreciated the YouTuber for giving them food.

One netizen even called the dogs and monkeys shown in the video “paid actors,” saying the video was fake. A person said that it’s okay to make a funny video, but it is not right to scare animals. “Some of these animals have never seen a tiger let alone a big cat. So their reaction must stem from instinct when their ancestors dealt with such threats constantly,” a netizen said.

The Youtuber on November 10 shared another video in which he pranked cows using a fake tiger head. While doing it, he also played the roars of a tiger on a speaker.

The cows got spooked, jumped and ran away. Initially, a cow stood in front of the man who was wearing the fake tiger head, but it also ran away after a few seconds.

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